We have been working hard on upgrading our platform in order to help you optimize your campaigns operation and management on SelfAdvertiser.com.

Here are our top improvements/features :

  • Additional tracking Tokens/Macros
    You can learn which keywords matched your campaign targeting, the price you paid for the CPV impression and more useful information. Simply add the tokens to the URL field when you create a campaign, and they'll be replaced with the actual data during the ad serving process. Read more
  • Bulk campaign update
    Use the CSV file upload feature to create or update your campaigns by bulk. Read more

  • Inventory tool
    Make more informed decisions regarding your campaign targeting, by getting an overview of our available traffic. With the Inventory feature, you can see our traffic volume filtered by device or operating system. Get the number of daily impressions and average CPM bid for each GEO as well as the top carriers for each GEO. Read more

  •  Bid lower for selected Geos    
     Selected Geos for less than a $1 CPM. Read more

  • Keyword Tool
    When setting up a new campaign, it is always useful to reference the keyword. This tool will tell you the average bids and traffic volume per GEO and keyword. Read more

  • Bid per source
    The Bid-Per-Source feature allows you to define different bids for different sources when optimizing your campaign. You can customize a bid for any source you want, based on that source’s performance in your campaign. Read more

  • Carrier targeting
    The carrier targeting feature allows you to target your campaigns to users based on their mobile carriers. Using this feature, you can ensure that your campaign is reaching the most relevant audience. Read more