You can now better optimize your campaigns and get more targeted and effective traffic. You don’t want to overbid and narrow down the targeting too much. Once you create a new campaign or edit an existing one, check out our Traffic Estimator which indicates the potential traffic volumes of your campaign.

Estimated traffic represents the amount of estimated traffic for the selected targeting and bid. If there is insufficient data to provide an estimation, the system will show ‘No estimation’.

Available traffic represents the amount of available traffic for the selected targeting while not taking into consideration the bid

Please notice:

  1. The traffic estimation does not take into consideration any of the following elements: Budget, Capping, Blacklist sources, Traffic Distribution, Browser versions, and Day Parting. It provides an estimation for a full 24-hour day and does not make calculations based on the time remaining until the end of the day.
  2. . Traffic estimation is available only for RON targeted campaign
  3. Traffic estimation is based on averages of past traffic and as such, serves as an estimation only.

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