Use the Traffic Counter to get an overview of our available traffic and make more informed decisions when choosing the targeting of your campaign.

Here’s how it works:

To see the inventory, from our platform hover the Tools button and choose Traffic Counter:

To see the inventory, from our website click the Traffic Counter:

or click here 

You can filter it by ad-format, Geo and OS to receive the best estimate for your campaigns.

The Keyword Traffic Counter

Coming up with trending keywords worth targeting for your Domain Redirects campaigns is now easier than ever.

This new addition will allow you to lookup volumes per keyword, better understand trends, and spot new opportunities based on our keywords inventory and campaign targeting.

Try coming up with potential keywords and start looking them up on the Traffic Counter to see if your gut feeling was right.

Once you create your campaign, you will be able to get more suggestions according to your initial keyword with even more volumes and more opportunities (Check out our New Domain Redirect Keyword Tool).

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