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Pop ads (pop up and pop under, tab up and tab under)

Pops allow you to target websites as broadly or narrowly as you'd like. Using advanced targeting such as: keywords, domains and sub-domains. 

The pops presentation depends on the restrictions of users browser company. Your ad will pop to the user in the exact browser size they are working in, full size or any re-size that is selected by the user.

Pop ads advantages:
High reach-
high volumes for world wide traffic.
Good ROI potential-
the cost of pop ads is relatively small so the potential for positive ROI is very good.

Domain redirect/Zero click

Once a user misspells a domain, they will be redirected to an advertiser's ad. 

This traffic type is considered highly converting. But wait, do not be confused with URLs/domain targeting, another targeting feature we have for pop ads on SelfAdvertiser.com.

Domain redirect advantages:
High relevancy- the optimization process in Domain Redirect campaigns uses the
keywords associated with the users' typos. For that reason, you get to display your ad to highly relevant visitors.
Intent to Convert- users share an interest in your product, and they are actively searching for something and looking to convert.
Non-Disruptive- the ads involves the ad format itself.

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