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Keyword targeted campaign - Guidelines
Keyword targeted campaign - Guidelines
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For Active Keywords (Positive Keywords)

  • A Keyword can consist of one or more words.

  • All words in one line are treated as a Phrase (AND). For example, if you use the words ‘rent’ and ‘car’ in one line, the system will target placements that contextually fit the combination of ‘rent’ and ‘car’, not necessarily in that order.

  • Words in different lines are treated as separate Keywords (Broad Match).

  • When using quotation marks ( “ ) for a term with more than one word, it will be treated as an Exact Match. For example: “rent a car” will NOT target placements that contextually fit the word ‘car’ nor ‘car a rent’, but only “rent a car”.

  • Each word is treated as one segment, and not as part of, or containing a segment. For example, the Keyword “light” will NOT be matched with the Keyword “lighthouse”, and the Keyword “lighthouse” will NOT be matched with the the Keyword “light”.

  • You can target by Keywords and/or domains. In other words, Keywords can be provided by the Publisher’s website, or be derived from the Publisher’s url.

  • Special characters should not be used, except for when using the Keywords to target a domain. In this case, it’s only allowed to use ‘.’ as part of a valid domain, as in “”. ‘-’ and ‘_’ are also valid special characters and should be used when targeting a domain.

  • Keywords are NOT case-sensitive. For example, you don't need to enter "rent a car" and "Rent a Car" as Keywords— "rent a car" will cover both cases.

  • When targeting domains, it’s not possible to target sub-domains, only Native domains.

  • For Blocked Keywords- Use only one word per line. The same rules for special characters of the Active Keywords apply here.

Keep in mind

  1. Target broader - First, you need to know what your audience is looking for. The key to success is knowing where your biggest traffic and revenue lie. Then remember: The more Keywords or targets you add to a campaign, the more volume it is likely to get. Your initial goal should be to come up with at least 50 of the most popular Keywords that are relevant to your offer.

  2. Bid competitively - Sounds obvious, but it's not. Placing a high bid will expose the campaign to traffic from more expensive targets. In addition, there are some very competitive Keywords for which you will have to bid high in the first place, in order to win traffic.

  3. Go for short tail - When using Keywords on, remember that short tail Keywords target a broader match than longer words or phrases, which makes them more likely to get impressions.

  4. Tokens - Track your campaign’s performance by using dynamic URL tags. Insert the @@CAMPAIGN-KEYWORD@@ token after your URL, and learn which Keywords are being matched by your targeting.

  5. The RON method - Set up an RON campaign for maximum exposure to our entire inventory.

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