Introducing, new traffic, the ultimate way to target iOS users for your push campaigns and explore an entire new audience world .
In-Page Push has an extended reach since users don’t need to subscribe in order to receive it. The more audience, the higher your chances for conversions.

Instead of only relying on traditional push, we now have in-page push. The feature allows you to expand your reach and improve your chances of getting a positive ROI.

What is In-Page Push traffic? 

Push notification like ad that displays on a specific webpage.

  • Reach new users that you wouldn’t get through traditional push notification traffic

  • All OS versions are available including IOS 

  • Increase your CTR by using a super-friendly format that looks just like Push Ads

How to create an in-page push campaign? 

Create a new push campaign

On the audience targeting section, choose the option to include 'In-Page push' traffic in your campaign.

On the creative section, you’ll be able to review both traffic types.
When un-checking 'In-Page push' you’ll get only traditional push traffic.

In-Page Push traffic is also available for API and CSV bulk upload/update

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