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Keyword Tool for Domain Traffic- NEW!
Keyword Tool for Domain Traffic- NEW!
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Keyword Tool is available for both Pop and Domain- Redirect traffic, but only for Domain- Redirect traffic the Keyword Tool has many more options that could help you broaden your search with more semantically related Keywords for better targeting.

Keywords serve as an important means to target an audience that’s most relevant to your offers. In comparison to RON targeting, running a Keywords targeted campaign allows you to buy better-targeted traffic, resulting in the optimal utilization of your campaign’s budget.

Our Keywords Tool allows you to explore the available keywords inventory and provides suggestions for keywords that contain the words you typed into the search box. This enables you to find new high-traffic volume keywords you may not have thought about, so you can get more accurately targeted traffic to your ads.

When using the ‘Keywords Tool,’ you need to type the word (or words) you want to use in the search box. In the ‘Available Keywords’ box below, you will be presented with keyword suggestions that contain the text you are typing. The first result is the typed word, and after it you will receive suggestions ordered by traffic volume in descending order.

Take note: The keywords that appear in the Available Keywords box depend on the campaign’s selected targeting: the Geos you selected in the Geo-Targeting section and the Device and Operating System you selected for this campaign.

This is how it works:

1. Start typing a word in the Keywords search line. Suggestions will start appearing in the box below.

You can sort results alphabetically or by average CPV.
Add individual keywords by clicking on the Plus (‘+’) sign on the right side of the keyword’s line. Another option is to check the box of the keywords that you want to target, click ‘Actions’ and then ‘Add Selected.’

By clicking ‘Add Top 100’ in the ‘Actions’ section, you will add to the ‘Active Keywords’ box the ‘100 Keywords’ that hold the most traffic.
By clicking on ‘Bulk Add,’ a text box will appear. Here you can type or paste keywords manually.

After you click ‘Add Keywords,’ they will appear in the ‘Active Keywords’ box.

Your off to a good start, but here’s where the magic happens!

2. You can now expend and broaden your search for more relevant keywords by clicking the Check Related Keywords Button.

This feature will offer you 5 more associated keywords for your initial keyword selected.

Click on each of the suggested options and get a whole new world of relevant results to choose from.

3. Want more suggestions? you can click on the More related keywords button to get new results to choose from.

4. Try more of your own Keywords, and see what other more relevant keywords we can suggest.

This is endless. So many possibilities are in your hands, all there is to do is keep it going and explore the options.

By clicking on the Actions section of the Active Keywords box you have two options:

  1. Remove a selected keyword

  2. Copy the keywords you selected to your clipboard. You can then paste them onto a text editor and save them on your computer.

Happy keyword targeting!

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