We have been working hard on upgrading our platform in order to help you optimize your campaigns operation and management on SelfAdvertiser.com.

Here are our recent improvements/features :

  • Traffic estimator 
    Get a full overview of the traffic available for your targeting. You can now better optimize your campaigns and get more targeted and effective traffic. More details

  • ISP Blacklisting 
    Just Browse between the specific ISP's (per Geo) and select the ones your campaign will not be getting traffic from (blocked). More details

  • Daily budget per source 
    You have full control over your budget. SelfAdvertiser’s Daily Budget per Source feature enables you to define the maximum daily budget you want to spend on a single source. More details

  • New browsers added 
    Samsung Internet and UC Browser added. See all targeting options

  • Platform upgrades 
    The platform is now even more intuitive and easy to use. Clearer separation between Domain and Pop ad formats. Take advantage of the new filtering options to organize your campaigns and reports.

Have questions? Contact us at support@selfadvertiser.com