makes tracking performance and per-traffic-source optimization possible by using dynamic URL tags.
These are special keywords you can use in the URL field when creating a campaign. They'll be replaced with the actual information during the ad serving process.

Our platform supports the following tracking tokens:

@@SOURCE@@ - The source/ Site ID which presented your ad

@@CAMPAIGN-KEYWORD@@ - The keyword matched by your campaign's targeting

@@KEYWORD@@- The keyword sent per impression in an RON campaign

@@CLICK-ID@@ - For conversion tracking

@@GEO@@ - Sends country code/Geo

@@CAMPAIGN_NAME@@ - Sends campaign name

@@DEVICE@@ - Sends the device the impression came from (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, or Other)

@@OS@@ -  Operating system the impression came from

@@BROWSER@@ - Sends the browser name the impression came from

@@CARRIER@@- Sends the mobile carrier the impression came from

@@BID@@ - Sends the price paid for an impression, on Auto Optimizer campaigns sends the core bid

Examples of Tokens/ Dynamic parameters implementation: