Postback URL a.k.a. Conversion Pixel or Pixel, allows you to track the success of your campaign by reporting back an action that the user has completed on your website after arriving through your ad. 

Not only will it tell you how many times this action has been completed, but it will also allow you to attach a dollar value to that action for revenue reporting. 

Once conversion pixels are placed, you will be able to see how many conversions are generated from each site.


NEW UPDATE: we’ve added the option to test the implementation of your pixel. supports server-to-server pixel. Here is how to get your Postback working:

  1. Add the @@CLICK-ID@@ token to your offer’s URL (

  2. Choose  the “Track conversions” button which is located in the Conversion Tracking section.

  3. Enter the Default Conversion Value

  4. Copy and implement the Postback URL ({click-id}&price={optional-value}) to the designated conversion page (for example, a "Thank you" page). You can use the price parameter to add a fixed or dynamic payout price (recommended), or alternatively, remove the price parameter from the Postback URL. 

  5. After implementing the pixel, press the “Test Pixel” button to perform a pixel test, and then create a conversion from the targeted GEO. If the test is successful, the result will be displayed in the designated section.

  6. The results of the pixel test will be made available in the “Edit Campaign” page ~1 hour after the test is performed.



Important information:

* When a conversion occurs, send a request to the postbackurl, entering the subid parameter to the click-id that you received.

* If you add dynamic pricing in USD to your postback (recommended), the Default Conversion Value will be overridden.

* Each click-id can have at most one conversion.