With the upgraded self-managed platform, you now have more tools to make sure that your campaigns hit their mark. The overall process is short and intuitive, and this guide will help you create effective campaigns in as little time as possible. Let’s get started!

   1. After you've verified the account, click Create Your First Campaign and choose the desire ad format.

  2. Traffic type - You can choose from 3 available traffic types:             # Domain Redirect (Zero Click)                                                             # Pop #Push

   3. Campaign information - Start with naming your Campaign Group and your first Campaign name.  

4. Audience targeting - The following targeting options are available:

# Geo
#Device #Operating System #Browser #Connection Type (carriers)
#ISP blacklist

  • Bid optimizer campaign (default option) 

Our algorithm considers the following parameters:

Learning phase:

  • Min learning bid - the minimum bid of the traffic source on the learning phase

  • Max learning bid - the maximum bid of the traffic source on the learning phase

  • Learning budget per source - the budget of each source for the learning phase

Optimized phase:

  • Max optimizing bid - the highest bid you are willing to bid for the optimized phase.

  • CPA goal - desired price per conversion

(for more information about the Bid Optimizer click here)

  • Non optimizer campaign - set up your bid according to your preferences

   7. Daily budget - Set up your Daily budget and limit your daily budget per source.

  8. Campaign offer - Set up your Destination URL.

 9. Conversion tracking - Post-back URL, a.k.a. Conversion Pixel or Pixel, allows you         to track the success of your campaign by reporting back an action that the user           has completed on your website after arriving through your ad. Once conversion           pixels are placed, you will be able to see how many conversions are generated           from each site. Check  How can I track conversions using Postback Url?

    SelfAdvertiser.com makes tracking performance and per-traffic-source                          optimization possible by using dynamic URL tags and Auto-Optimizer.                           Here You can see the full list of available macros and Auto-Optimizer explanation 

      10. Campaign Delivery - Set "pause campaign" if you don't want it to start                             immediately upon approval.      

      Frequency capping helps to control the maximum number of times that you'd               like each visitor to see your ad within 24 hours.

      Traffic Distribution - In every new campaign setup you will find 2 options for                 traffic distribution: Evenly throughout the day (Suggested to start with As soon  as possible.

        Day Parting - Control the time your campaign is active.

You're ready to go! Send your campaign for approval and watch the magic happen 🔥🔥🔥

For any questions, as always we're here at support@selfadvertiser.com

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